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Events calendar

Running, cycling, skiing, anything and everything!


Skiing 8th - 16th - Val d’Isere, Criterium de la Premiere Neige, FIS Ski World Cup, Coupe du Monde FIS Ski Alpin Hommes et Dames


MTB 7th - 8th - Val d’Isere, Barone Speed Tour

Ski Rando 8th - Val d’Isere, Avaline Trax 500m

Ski Rando 10th - Les Arcs, La Pierre Blanche night race 430m

Ski Rando 15th - Val d’Isere, Avaline Trax 500m

Ski Rando 18th - La Plagne, La montée des Raveillus 750m, night race

19th Pralognan la Vanoise, Trail Blanc de l’Nuit 7.7km/250m 15km/500m, mountain

Ski Rando 25th - 2th - Les Arcs, 3 days of ski rando events

26th - Valmorel, Winter Spartan Race 13km, trail/obstacles

27th - Valmorel, Winter Spartan Race 6km, trail/obstacles

Ski Rando 29th - Val d’Isere, Avaline Trax 500m

Skiing 30th - 31st - Val d’Isere, Ski Alpine FIS Europa Cup


Ski Rando 2nd, La Plagne, La course des Dahus 3 x 200m circuit, night race

2nd - Meribel, Yooni Moon trail 8km/15km, mountain/evening race

Ski Rando 5th - Val d’Isere, Avaline Trax


Skiing 11th - 15th - Val d’Isere, Youth National Ski Championships

Ski Rando 12th - Val d’Isere, Avaline Trax

Snowboard 18th - 21st - Tignes, Final of the Half Pipe World Cup

22nd - Arc 1800, Startrail Blanc 11km/600m, mountain

Ski Rando 23rd - La Plagne, Les Diables Bleus, 1000m up and down, night race

Ski Rando 27th - La Plagne, La Rando By Night 500m, night race


1st - Grignon, Duo trail du Grignon 9km/18km, trail

Skiing 2nd - 5th - Val d’Isere, 39th International Ski World Cup for children

7th - Brides les Bains, Defi de l’Olympique, number or ascents in 6hrs! 3.5km/520m, mountain

7th - Brides les Bains, Verticale Brides 3.5km/520m, mountain

Ski Rando 8th - Val d’Isere, Avaline Trax 500m

Ski/MTB 20th - 21st - Les Arcs, Ski2Bike 1600m descent! Ski to Bike relay


19th - Pussy, KM Vertical de Pussy 5km/1130m, mountain

25th - Cruet, Grand Raid 73 10km/400m 23km/1450m 73km/4800m, mountain


3rd - Albertville, La Fort du Mont 7km/19km, trail/mountain

22nd - Bozel, Trail de Bozel 10km/500m, trail

23rd - Bozel, Trail de Bozel 20km/ 1400m 32km/2150m 41km/2750m, mountain

23rd - Albertville, Montee du Fort du Mont 7km/19km, trail

23rd - Arly Cimes, Crest Voland Cohennoz 13km/28km, trail

Cycling 23rd - Val d’Isere, L’Iserane, closed road ride of the Col d’Iseran

29th - La Thuile, La Thuile Trail 25km/1500m, mountain

30th - Epierre, La Chamoisienne 20km/25km, trail


5th - Val d’Isere, VK World Circuit Face de Bellevarde 3.5km/1000m, mountain

6th - Val d’Isere, Sky Running High Trail Vanoise 42km/3500m 70km/5400m, mountain

7th - Val d’Isere, High Trail Vanoise 9km/300m 20km/1000m, mountain

7th - Pralognan la Vanoise, Trails du Tour des Glaciers 15km/1100m 30km/1750m 73km/3800m, mountain

7th - Villaroger, Vertical K2 7.6km/2000m 3.4km/1000m, mountain

13th - Valmorel, MAD’trail de Valmorel 2.8km/1000m, mountain

MTB 13th - 14th - L’Arcadienne, 2 days of MTB races open to children and adults

14th - Valmorel, MAD’trail de Valmorel 19km/1250m 42km/2500m 62km/3500m, mountain

14th - La Rosiere, Trail de La Rosiere 40km/3000m 22km/1450m 15km/800m, mountain

20th - Bourg Saint Maurice, KM Vertical des Forts 4km/1029m, mountain

21st - Bourg Saint Maurice, Les Trails intervillages de Haute Tarentaise 8.5km/660m 25km/1400m, mountain

26th - La Plagne, La 6000D 5km/1000m (vertical) 11km/600m, mountain

27th - La Plagne, La 6000D 27km/1600m 65km/3500m, mountain

28th - Pralognan La Vanoise, Trace du Bouquetin 15km/570m, mountain


2nd - Courmayeur, K1000 night 7km/1000m, mountain uphill only

3rd - Beaufort sur Doron, Trail Frison Roche 6km/17km/42km, trail

4th - Courmayeur, K2000 11km/2100, mountain uphill only

4th - Courchevel, Courchevel X trail 11km/21km/33km/54km, mountain

10th - Val Thorens, Summit Games 3.2km/KM vertical, mountain

10th - Meribel Mottaret, Meribel Trail 10km/650m 45km/3750m, mountain

11th - Val Thorens, Summit Games 14km/30km, mountain

11th - Meribel Mottaret, Meribel Trail 2.5km/5km trail, 25km short course French Championships, trail

11th - Champagny en Vanoise, Trail Alpin du Grand Bec 14km/550m 30.2km/1770m, mountain

17th - 18th - Tignes, Tignes Trail 12km/650 20km/1300m plus time trial of 600m ascent number of reps in 3hrs, mountain

24th - Pralognan la Vanoise, Trail de la Grand Casse 3.5km/600m, mountain

25th - Pralognan la Vanoise, Trail de la Grand Casse 20km/1600m 42km/2450m 66km/3850m, mountain


7th - Ugine, Trail du Charvin 13km/730m, trail

8th - Granier, Trail de Combe Benite 30km/2000m, mountain

8th - Granier, Tour de Fallie 19.6km/1300m

8th - Granier, Le Tour du Bief 9.6km/400m, mountain

22nd - Albertville, Trail d’Albertville 12km 26km/1200m 46km/3600m, trail


5th - Moutiers, Trail de la Criox de Feysons 10km/22km, trail

6th - Col du Petit Saint Bernard, Trail du Petit Saint Bernard 40km/2250m 60km/3500m, mountain

13th - St Jean de la Porte, La Cepienne 10km/500m 28km/1700m, mountain